Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mitt Romney's sincerity and authenticity come under fire.

Los Angeles Times: In recent days, Romney's rivals for the nomination have decided that is the best point of attack against the former Massachusetts governor, who has lost his lead in Iowa to Huckabee and is trying to hold on in New Hampshire against a resurgent Sen. John McCain of Arizona.Their effort has been aided by Romney's own missteps, and by two recent New Hampshire newspaper "anti-endorsements" of him. Over the weekend, the liberal Concord Monitor called Romney a phony. On Wednesday, the conservative Union Leader of Manchester, which has endorsed McCain, said that despite an "expertly rehearsed sales pitch . . . the more Mitt Romney speaks, the less believable he becomes."The fight for authenticity comes at a crucial time: The Iowa caucuses will help decide which candidates gain or lose momentum heading into the flurry of voting across the country in January and February.For Romney, the issue is particularly troublesome. He has spent millions of dollars over the last year courting key Republican constituencies in Iowa and New Hampshire, hoping wins in those early states will propel him to the nomination. But in recent weeks he has been forced to defend his claim that his father marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and to explain why he hired a landscaping company that employed undocumented workers despite his tough stance against illegal immigration.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Concord Monitor says Mitt Romney must be stopped!

Concord Monitor:
.......Add it all up and you get Mitt Romney, a disquieting figure who sure looks like the next president and most surely must be stopped.........
In the 2008 campaign for president, there are numerous issues on which Romney has no record, and so voters must take him at his word. On these issues, those words are often chilling. While other candidates of both parties speak of restoring America's moral leadership in the world, Romney has said he'd like to "double" the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, where inmates have been held for years without formal charge or access to the courts. He dodges the issue of torture - unable to say, simply, that waterboarding is torture and America won't do it.
When New Hampshire partisans are asked to defend the state's first-in-the-nation primary, we talk about our ability to see the candidates up close, ask tough questions and see through the baloney. If a candidate is a phony, we assure ourselves and the rest of the world, we'll know it.
Mitt Romney is such a candidate. New Hampshire Republicans and independents must vote no.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Mitt Romney continues to lie about his father's history with Martin Luther King Jr.

Mitt Romney is very consistent in his lies......
Boston Herald:
Mitt Romney continued to cite a 1967 book reference as proof his father marched for civil rights with Martin Luther King Jr. even as the author insisted he has no evidence to back up the claim.
“In 1963, George Romney did participate in Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘Freedom Marches’ in Grosse Pointe,” said Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom yesterday, citing the book titled “The Republican Establishment: The Present and Future of the GOP.”
But Stephen Hess, a senior fellow of the Brookings Institution who wrote the book with Washington Post columnist David S. Broder, said the reference to Romney’s father, the late Michigan Gov. George Romney, marching with King was “meant totally symbolically.”..............Romney claimed in his widely watched speech on religion earlier this month in College Station, Texas, and in a Sunday appearance on ‘Meet the Press’ that he “saw” his father march with the leader of the civil rights movement. In Iowa today, as his campaign tried to wriggle out of questions, Romney parsed definitions of the word “saw” and claimed his use of the term was “figurative.”
Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics called Romney’s parsing “Clintonian,” adding, “He just thought no one would ever check.”

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The truth about Mitt Romney's stance on pardons.

Mitt Romney's new TV commercial questions the judgment of Mike Huckabee, his fellow Republican presidential contender, noting the rival issued 1,033 pardons and commutations as governor of Arkansas while Romney issued none while leading Massachusetts.
Left out of the spot is perhaps Romney's most noteworthy pardon denial: his rejection of the request of an Iraq war veteran who was trying to become a police officer after his National Guard service.
Anthony Circosta's offense? Shooting a friend in the arm with a BB gun as 13-year-old. The impact didn't break the skin.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mitt Romney loves and hates George W.Bush.

Good old Mitt is playing both sides again........He changes his mind every 5 minutes.
Huckabee, who has been criticized for his relative inexperience in foreign affairs, said that while the United States should have "the strongest possible military on the face of the planet," it should also recognize "that we do better when we are partners with the entire world standing against the threat of Islamo-fascism than when we simply say that we're going to do it our way, and if you don't want to do it our way then we brand you as being with the other side."
He also challenged Romney's charges of disloyalty to Bush by contending that Romney, in the past, did not support the president on tax cuts, abortion, and gun control.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Reservations about Mitt Romney remain.

What dogs Romney is a sense that he is not being honest about who he is.In an election such as this, where voters clearly are concerned about honesty and transparency, candidates who do not score well in these areas are paying a price.In Romney's case, that price reflects his credibility challenge in convincing religious conservatives that his changed positions are for real.It's not news that Romney ran two political campaigns, one for the Senate in 1994 and one for Massachusetts governor in 2002, in which he campaigned openly and clearly as pro-Roe v. Wade and pro-abortion rights. Suddenly, in 2004, as a result of some kind of epiphany tied to embryos and stem-cell research, he opposed abortion.Similarly regarding gay rights, Romney has a paper trail expressing support that strains the credibility of his current stance in support of traditional values and family.Given persistent doubts about the sincerity of Romney's stands on these two issues, both of central concern to religious conservatives, it is astonishing that he would make a major speech about his views on religion and faith in America and not mention either.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mitt Romney under attack for taxachusetts!

Washington Post:
Tomorrow, a group of former members of Congress who back Giuliani will head to the Granite State armed with what they claim is a list of dozens of fees that Romney raised while he was governor of the neighboring state.
Calling him "Taxachusetts Romney," the Giuliani campaign alleges that as governor he raised nearly a half billion dollars in fees on the state's residents. That message will be carried to New Hampshire today by the former lawmakers: Senator Larry Pressler (SD), Congresswoman Susan Molinari (NY), Congresswoman Nancy Johnson (CT) and Congressman Jim Coyne (PA).

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mitt Romney is out of touch with reality.

It may be a private matter that illegal aliens raked Romney’s lawn as recently as November 29. But Romney’s administration should have scrutinized state employees more carefully. Among nine Massachusetts public-works sites examined in the June 18, 2006 Boston Globe, 38 percent of weekly wage-earners (100 of 262) lacked valid Social Security numbers. At one University of Massachusetts masonry project, Jonathan Saltzman and Yvonne Abraham reported “nearly two-thirds of the contractor’s 87 workers had bogus or questionable Social Security numbers.” Some belonged to dead people. One jail-construction worker offered this unusual Social Security number: 666-66-6666............. Romney’s being a hypocrite on this issue,” Somerville’s Joseph Curtatone told ABC News. “I did not receive a mandate, any communication, anything at all from him about this. If it’s so important to him, why didn’t he have the state police enforcing it?”

Friday, December 7, 2007

Mitt Romney's trerrible speech makes him look dishonest and foolish.

The Atlantic:
The editors of National Review proclaim that "we suspect that most people who watched the speech were impressed, sympathetic, and sometimes moved." I had an instinct to respond in time, saying that I suspect the speech will fall flat, backfire, etc., etc., etc. But why go meta? In a first-order sense, I thought the speech was dumb, and made Romney look like a deeply dishonest, somewhat foolish person.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mitt Romney's house is full of illegal immigrants.

Another example of Mitt Romney saying one thing & doing the exact opposite...
Standing on stage at a Republican debate on the Gulf Coast of Florida last week, Mitt Romney repeatedly lashed out at rival Rudy Giuliani for providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants in New York City.
Yet, the next morning, on Thursday, at least two illegal immigrants stepped out of a hulking maroon pickup truck in the driveway of Romney's Belmont house, then proceeded to spend several hours raking leaves, clearing debris from Romney's tennis court, and loading the refuse onto the truck.
In fact, their work was part of a regular pattern. Even after a Globe story in December 2006 highlighted Romney's use of a landscaping company that employs illegal immigrants to tend to his grounds, Romney continued to employ Community Lawn Service With a Heart - until yesterday. The company continued to employ illegal immigrants.
The two workers confirmed in separate interviews with Globe reporters last week that they were in the country without documents. One said he had paid $7,000 to a smuggler to escort him across the desert into Arizona; the other said he had come into the country with a student visa that has expired. Both were seen working on the lawn by either Globe reporters or photographers over the last two months.
Questioned yesterday afternoon during a campaign swing through New Hampshire about the use of illegal immigrants on his lawn, Romney declined to answer. An aide said he would issue a statement, and Romney, emerging from a Concord restaurant, said, "Did you hear him? We'll give you a statement."
Last night, the campaign issued a statement saying Romney had just learned - apparently from Globe reporters - of the company's continued practice of employing illegal immigrants, and immediately fired it.......