Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mitt Romney tortured his dog by placing it in a carrier on top of his car for 12 hours

Mitt likes to laugh & joke about it......but it's no joke. Torturing an animal isn't something to chuckle about.
Read the Globe & ABC articles to learn what it was like for the poor dog:
Boston Globe article: Romney's treatment of family dog on 1983 vacation becomes issue 
ABC: What was it like for Romney's Pooch?


UrsaStrigUwila said...

Just another example of what a piece of human garbage this man is. Nothing he would do, NOTHING, would surprise me anymore. All of my family on both sides are Mor(m)ons except my brother and 1 uncle. They all think Mitt's the best thing since sliced cheese. Just because "Brother" Mitt holds the Melchizedek priesthood and wears the funny long johns with the masonic symbols does not make him a good person or good choice for President of the United States of America.

George Smith said...

This is unacceptable. Owning a dog means responsibility. If you can't be a responsible owner, then don't own one. Simple.

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Jeffrey21 said...

If he cannot treat animals right, how can you trust him to give importance to human lives? Now we know of his true colors.

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Mario Guillen said...

Romney is the anticrist....